Wild Child is an interactive gallery + playspace for young children, popping up at the Junior Center of the Arts & Sciences in Oakland in Fall 2019.

Children learn through play. Our activities and exhibits are geared towards your child’s stage of development, which means deeper challenges, increased focus, and rewarding fun.

We believe children need to make messes, be loud, break things, and roam free. We believe children deserve more than wooden blocks and hula hoops.

That’s why we’re creating a place for them to do just that. Unbridled exploration and self-directed learning stokes curiosity and builds confidence.

Come be wild with us!

We are currently looking for artists to collaborate on this project. learn more here.



Ligaya Tichy, Founder

Ligaya is a marketer, startup investor, birth doula, and mother. She studied Anthropology and Child Development at Tufts University. Ligaya is fascinated by the wondrous world of children and believes they have much to teach us.

Isabel DeHaro

Izzy is an early childhood educator who received a bachelors in Child and Adolescent Development and minor in Special Education. She is blown away by the vast information a young child processes in their first years of life. She believes that exposure to innovative, stimulating environments in the early years can influence the brains’ architecture and produce new ways of thinking.

Sara Haag

Sara is an architectural and interior designer driven by curiosity and the overlapping worlds of art, architecture, and experience. She holds a Masters of Architecture, and a BA in Urban Studies. Sara is fascinated with our relationship to scale, and immersive sensory spaces that evoke emotion, and cause us to question the very nature of reality. She believes in the power of design to transform the way we see, live, and the world around us.

Mariella Knutson

Mariella is an early childhood educator with a Masters in Early Childhood Special Education. She is passionate about providing young children with beautiful, unique environments and experiences in which they can explore and create independently, and fully unleash their wild side.

Krystle Cho

Krystle is a visual designer and artist that is fascinated by the intersection of creativity and spirituality. She studied visual communications design, was previously a UI/UX designer, and is now committed to creating art. She practices art as an act of service, and to feel connected to her deepest Self. She is a mother of two loving boys and wife to an inspiring husband.